6 Reason’s to Love the Spring!

6 Reason’s to Love the Spring!

Okay, so spring is in no way my favorite season.  I am a summer girl all the way!  The beach, the warmth, the vacations, the summer outfits, patio’s and BBQ’s.. (my list is LONG). Fall is my second favorite season because it’s just too beautiful! The leaves changing color and the feeling of transitioning into a new season with warm socks and hot drinks… there is SO much there to love! Then, of course, the winter… who doesn’t LOVE Christmas? There’s the decorating, new years and everything that comes with this chilly (depending on where you live of course) time of year!  In fact, I would have to say that spring might actually take fourth place if I had to order them from my favorite to least favorite. Thing is, I actually LOVE the spring (but just not as much as I love summer, fall, and winter).  There are many things to be thankful for about EVERY season and I just feel so lucky to be able to experience them all every year!

Here are my top 6 reasons WHY I love the springtime!

mama and baby in car

1. The Flowers are in Bloom

EVERYTHING is in Bloom! Trees start to look fresh and green again, while cherry blossom come out to play!  After a long winter, the flowers are blooming everywhere you go!  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and Spring is Tulip Season!  We can’t wait to explore the tulip festival this year and we’re even growing some on our balcony this year!

tulips are my favorite

2. Longer Days and More Sun!

Living in Vancouver we get quite a bit of rain during the months of March and April, but there is a saying that rings very true: “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.  The days are longer thanks to daylight savings time and the sun does show it’s face more than it has over winter, which is a nice change!  I love waking up early and it’s no longer dark outside. Those extra hours of daylight also allow for more outdoor activities during the spring!

spring is here! GET OUTSIDE

3. Easter

Easter is such a colorful and joyous holiday! It’s a time our family gets together to celebrate it’s true meaning and eat Turkey and other yummy things!  Hudson’s wasn’t quite old enough to participate in any egg decorating or chocolate egg hunting this year, but I definitely look forward to that for Easter’s to come!

spring family photo

4. Spring Cleaning

I know most people aren’t thrilled with the idea of cleaning, however, there is something so refreshing and renewing about it! Sorting through your “stuff” and deciding what to keep and what to ditch. It’s almost as if you are cleaning your mind and spirit as well! I try to sell or even donate the items we no longer need!  I’m currently clearing out my closet and my rule of thumb is: if I haven’t worn it in the past two years, then its going!

This Spring I’m also “Spring Cleaning” my makeup drawer and beauty products. READ MORE about it here!

spring cleaning baby in box

5. New Life

Spring is the time when many animals and birds have their babies. They need to have their young when there is lots of food available and when the longer days give them more time to find food for their young.  Spring is the time when all those cute baby animals can be seen grazing the fields or flying from their nests.  Hello little lambs and bunnies!  Hudson was also born in the Spring! (okay technically he was born 5 days before the official first day of Spring, but close enough)!

mama and babe with bunny

6. Getting Outdoors

Those walks and hikes that aren’t as accessible during the winter are finally open again!  Spring is a time to get outside and breathe in the beautiful fresh air.  I love being able to go for a nice walk with only a light sweater on and finally without my winter coat!  Spring is also the start of running season (unless you’re an all-weather runner)!  I love to go for a jog in the evening and truly enjoy those longer hours of daylight.

beautiful buntzen lake

What do you love about the spring? Do you have a favorite season?

XO, Candice

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