7 books that your one-year-old will love reading!

7 books that your one-year-old will love reading!

Hudson LOVES books.  I mean “really” loves them! He is probably the only 17 month old that I know, who can sit with a book happily for 15-20 minutes just studying the words and pictures and turning the pages on his own.  We started reading to Hudson as a newborn and some days it feels like I am reading to him all day long! ; )

7 favorite books for one year olds!

Below are 7 of his favorite books right now!  These are the books he chooses to read and has been carrying around the house lately.  These are his top picks at the moment, and mama enjoys reading them as well

personal penguin - baby books

1.Personal Penguin – by Sandra Boynton

Of course it helps that Hudson has a thing for penguins right now, but this has become one of our most loved books! It’s a delightful tale of a loyal penguin who wants nothing more than to be friends with a hippo! Super cute and actually a song that you can sing!  Here’s the YouTube Link!

Each Peach Pear Plum

2. Each Peach Pear Plum – by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

We love the illustrations of this adorable book featuring fairy tales and nursery rhyme characters.  It’s full of sweet rhymes and encourages our little ones to look for people in the pictures. Whether it be Cinderella, Robin Hood, or the Three Bears, we just love this classic!

never touch a dinosaur book

3. Never touch a dinosaur

You must never touch a dinosaur . . . except in this book! Hudson loves it when we read him this funny rhyming book that warns of the dangers of touching a dinosaur – and then ignoring the advice! Every page has different textures for children to explore! So fun!

llama llama red pajama

4. Llama Llama Red Pajama – by Anna Dewdney

This rhyming book has been a favorite of Hudson’s for a while now! Baby Llama turns bedtime into an all-out llama drama and the end message is that ‘Mama is always near’.  Such a sweet book!  There are many in the Llama series so we will have to keep our eye out for more books like this one!

alligator pie book

5. Alligator Pie – by Dennis Lee

This book is a beloved Canadian Classic and was first published in 1974.  It tells the story of giving away just about everything (including a hockey stick and a shoe) for a slice of alligator pie!  It’s a poem book full of fun illustrations and really just fun nonsense!

dada by jimmy fallon

6. DADA – by Jimmy Fallon

Another book that Hudson has loved since he was a wee baby.  This one is quite simple, but it has helped with him learning animals and animal noises.  He will point to the sheep on the page and say “baaaaa”.  Its an easy read and a very cute book!

raffi - the wheels on the bus

7. The Wheels on the Bus

This Raffi version is sung and Hudson just can’t get enough!  The illustrations are amazing in this book! Raffi’s Songs to Read unites the rhythm, rhyme, and repetition that helps to lay the foundation for speech, listening, and reading skills.  It’s a winner in my books!

wheels on the bus book

this little guy loves reading!

reading with mama

7 best books for toddler

What are your baby’s or toddler’s favorite books right now?  Share below in the comments!


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