The best month of sleep I’ve ever had!

The best month of sleep I’ve ever had!

This post is in partnership with Silk + Snow Mattress.  This honest review including all thoughts & opinions are entirely my own.

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial when you have a toddler running around, and another baby on the way!  Since becoming a mom I truly value the zzzz’s I get each night.  I knew that when we moved into our new house we would finally be getting a king size bed, and along with finding a bed frame, I began to search for a new mattress that both my husband and I would love for years to come! the best mattress in a boxI read many of the reviews online and compared articles about the best mattresses, some from well known store brands, and others that are shipped in a box.  I discovered a Canadian Mattress company called Silk + Snow and decided to go with them once I read the amazing reviews (with many people claiming it was the most comfortable mattress they’ve ever slept on)!  My hubby was a little skeptical that we were ordering this mattress without testing it out in person first, but I assured him it would be great!  Boy was I right on this one!mattress silk and snow reviewThe mattress quickly arrived to our door in a box that didn’t look as though it held a king size mattress.  We slowly opened it and the mattress expanded to it’s full size.  It was soft to the touch and I was equally impressed that the included cover is easily washable, very important with kids to be able to quickly unzip and toss it in the wash when needed.  It also includes silver which is naturally antibacterial!  Because I like to have all the accessories, we also ordered the Waterproof Mattress Encasement which basically keeps it looking brand new and double guards against dust, dirt, bugs, and stains.Silk + Snow Mattress ReviewI love that our Silk + Snow mattress is made entirely in Canada using a 4 lb memory foam.  This weight is one of the highest quality foams used in the industry and provides the absolute best support and pressure relief for all sorts of sleepers.  I also love the fact that their mattresses are made from healthy and non-toxic materials.  No lie, we both slept straight thru the night the very first time trying out our new Silk + Snow mattress.  I can definitely say the past month has been one of the the best months of sleep I’ve ever had!  A king bed with this mattress = Total game changer!silk and snow mattress reviewIt’s incredible that a “Mattress in a Box” can be this comfortable!  For the past month we’ve been commenting to each other on the quality of sleep we are both getting.  In the past, the slightest movement or change in position would wake each other up.  With our new Silk + Snow Mattress it’s like sleeping on a soft fluffy cloud with just the right amount of firmness and support!canadian mattress in a box

Silk + Snow also offers FREE Shipping, a 15 year warranty, and a 100 night risk-free trial (with free returns)!  You seriously have nothing to lose.  I am so happy with Silk + Snow, and would recommend their mattress and products to anyone looking to upgrade or purchase a new mattress in the future!  We are also loving their Sateen Sheets which are made from high quality extra long staple cotton.  When it comes to bedtime, there is nothing more luxurious than soft, plush bed sheets to go with the most comfortable mattress!

Use Code: THISMAMALOVESLIFE for $200 off any mattress from Silk + Snow. (We have the classic S+S Mattress).

Canadian Brand mattresss Review

Sweet Dreams!     XO, Candice

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