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Hudson’s First Snowfall and 5 things I’ll miss about Fall

Hudson’s First Snowfall and 5 things I’ll miss about Fall

It’s inevitable that the season’s will change and Winter must follow Fall.  This year however, October flew by and we find ourselves in November ALREADY… wondering if Winter may be coming early this year?  We woke up yesterday to snow on the ground!  I was surprised when I looked out the window and saw the white rooftops and snow covered cars on the street.  We headed outside for a walk and Hudson experienced his first sight of snow.

With Winter on it’s way (The first “official” day of Winter isn’t actually until December 21st…) it got me thinking about some of the things I will miss the most about the Fall.  With the early November snowfall it seems we will be feeling Winter much sooner.

5 Things I will Miss about the Fall…

1.Fall Foliage. We feel so lucky to live in the Great Northwest and experience the leaves changing color each Fall.  I love to see the reds, orange and yellow hues creating brightly colored trees.  I also love to feel the crunch of the leaves when walking in our beautiful surroundings.

2. Walking outside in just a sweater. Once Winter is here, we will no longer be able to head out with just a sweater and jeans.  We will be bundled up with gloves and scarves and hats and rain boots (with warm socks).  I will sure miss the Fall weather once we get this drastic drop in temperature.

3. Crisp Runs in the Sun.  I LOVE the feeling of running in the Fall!  The crisp (but not too chilly air) and the beautiful sunny evenings with gorgeous sunsets.  I’m definitely a “fair-weather runner” and you probably won’t catch me running in the sleet and hail wearing earmuffs and all-weather thermal pants.

4. The Pumpkin Patch with my Little Guy.  There is nothing more fun than a fall weekend spent picking out a pumpkin at the local pumpkin patch.  We had so much fun this year and took tons of pictures with Hudson in that field of pumpkins. Although we will be replacing this activity with Christmas Light Displays and Tree Farms, we will still miss all the Fall Fun at the PP!

5. BBQ’s and Eating on our Balcony.  The weather throughout September and October this year has been spectacular.  We used our BBQ a ton and enjoyed so many nice dinners out on our balcony this Fall.  On Friday Night, Mark went out on the balcony to grill some steaks and because it was dark so early… he wasn’t able to see what he was doing.  He was also chilly and came inside – leaving the steaks on for too long! SO….we ended up with burnt meat! 🙁  That night we ate Salad for dinner and both agreed it was probably the end of our enjoyable BBQ Season.


What do you love most about the Fall?  Anything you will especially miss? Comment below 🙂

Stroller Cozy Ganoosh Footmuff – UPPAbaby

Mama’s Beanie – Vancouver Fashion Truck, Hudson’s Fleece Lined Beanie – Lille Mus

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