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The Importance of Maternity Photos and Expert Tips from our Photographer

The Importance of Maternity Photos and Expert Tips from our Photographer

Maternity Photos haven’t always been popular!  I don’t think most of our parents or grandparents hired a photographer to do a maternity photo shoot.  Actually, I think the thought of this probably still seems strange to a lot of people… but times have changed and maternity photos are just another way to document a special and exciting time in our lives.  At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have them done… I was afraid I probably looked uncomfortable, clothes weren’t fitting me right, and I just felt LARGE.  However, once I saw them and when I glance back at them today, I am so happy we did it!  Here are my main reasons why:

Pregnancy Is Beautiful

Even if we don’t always feel beautiful (achy feet, sore back, tired legs, stretch marks), just think of all the things going on inside our bodies!  We have created a living being who is growing and being nourished inside of us.  All those extra pounds and raging hormones are proof of the miracle growing inside.  Luckily we don’t stay this way forever (however 40 weeks may feel like forever), so I’m glad I was able to document this special and beautiful time in our lives.

To Celebrate!

Maternity Photos are a way for us to celebrate the baby we’re about to meet, to celebrate our love for each other, and to celebrate the strength of our incredible bodies.  I loved being pregnant and actually felt pretty good the entire time. I have to admit, I had a pretty easy pregnancy.  I was lucky I never had morning sickness, even though I was living at sea on a cruise ship for the entire first trimester. However you feel, it’s still fun to celebrate the anticipation of what’s to come!

For me, choosing a photographer to capture our maternity photos was easy.  We had known Jen for a few years as she captured our wedding rehearsal photos.  This was quite the event, as we had Mark’s family who had flown in from England and the entire wedding party there.  These were some of my favorite photos of our entire wedding weekend, and I just knew we would be working with Jen again!  Not only is Jen is super sweet and an amazing person, but her work is just beautiful!  She uses soft natural light and takes her time with each shot, ensuring every photo can be cherished for a lifetime.  I was thrilled when she agreed to write some tips for this post.  So here they are, expert tips from an excellent lifestyle/portrait/wedding photographer.

Maternity Photo Tips: by Jen – Blush Sky Photography

Pregnancy can be a whirlwind time; deciding on a name, designing the perfect nursery and preparing for the arrival of your sweet little one, it’s nice to have some beautiful photos of the two of you to look back on from that special time. I’m excited to share a few simple tips that can have a big impact on your maternity photos.

The timing of your photos is probably the most important consideration; plan your shoot towards the end of your second trimester, you’ll have an adorable bump (without feeling overly big) and still have plenty of energy to get dressed up and wander around for the session.

Choose flattering pieces for your photos, dresses that are feminine and flowy, always photograph beautifully. Including a second outfit for your photos is also a great way to showcase a different style and allows you to choose a more fitted piece, maybe something with stripes, that really shows off your bump.

As with all professional photos, having your hair and makeup done professionally for the shoot is the perfect way to pamper yourself (lets be honest, you totally deserve it) and it adds to your already beautiful glow, allowing you to feel even more radiant in front of the camera.

Finally, choosing a location for your photos is more important than you may think; the setting has such a big impact on the overall look and feel of your photos. Choosing a location that’s naturally beautiful or has special meaning to you will create stunning maternity photos that are a perfect reflection of the two of you and capture the excitement of your growing family.


Blush Sky Photography

You Won’t Regret It

I’m currently working on a print album which will include our Maternity Photos, Birth Photos and Hudson’s Newborn Photo Shoot.  I’m so happy I’ve captured all these special moments in our life.  Like Jen mentioned, you don’t need to wait until the last minute to have your maternity photos done.  Rather than waiting til you are full term, if you’re feeling good and want to capture a moment in your pregnancy when you truly feel like you are “glowing,” then go ahead!  These memories are all about you and your growing family. What matters most is you get to look back on these special photos with your loved ones and remember this truly precious time.

Did you choose to get maternity photos done? Comment below 🙂

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9 thoughts on “The Importance of Maternity Photos and Expert Tips from our Photographer”

  • Great article! I haven’t ever had a maternity shoot, but we had a mini session at a wedding where hubby was a groomsmen when I was 6 months along with our first. I do mirror selfies to track bump progress, and it hasn’t really occurred to me to do a maternity shoot before. I loved this perspective on it, though, and will probably try to make it happen if we have another!

  • I did not have photos taken. I was pregnant 10 years ago and 7 years ago and I didn’t know about or have any friends who took maternity photos 😉 I wish I had better photos than the mostly unflattering ones that my friends and family took 🙂

  • I had maternity shoots with both of my boys. My dad took the first one with just my husband, my dog, and me. It was just a mini shoot, but they turned out great and they were very sweet. When I was pregnant with my youngest, we had some good friends of ours take photos of my son and me, and my husband and me, and the three of us (no dogs in this one). I’m very glad I had them done and I think I would have regretted not getting them done.

    -Mama from Mama Writes Reviews

  • I cherish my maternity photos! They came
    Out beautiful and I love looking back on them to remember that’s time! I can’t wait to show my daughter someday:)

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