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Packing for a long-haul flight with baby

Packing for a long-haul flight with baby

We are leaving tomorrow for Sydney, Australia, and although packing for this 15+ hour flight seemed like a daunting task, I’m happy to report we are ready to go!  It’s not Hudson’s first flight – Click Here for Tips on Flying with a Baby, but it will be his LONGEST flight yet, and I wanted to make sure we were prepared!  Below I’ve put together some useful items we are bringing on the airplane and some tips on what to pack for a long-haul flight with a baby.what to pack for long haul flight with baby

Passports, Tickets, Documents – Very important items that I always keep in my purse or in the side pocket of my baby bag.  Should be easily accessible for a smooth check in and boarding.  We are traveling all together this time, but when I flew alone with Hudson, I also made sure to have a letter signed by my hubby stating permission to travel outside the country!

Something to help baby’s ears equalize – When taking off and landing, baby’s small ears can be especially vulnerable to pain due to the change of pressure.  I always try to nurse/feed Hudson during the time. I will have a bottle, and soother/pacifier on hand as well.

what to pack for long haul flight with baby

Nursing Bra, Cover, Breast Pump, Blanket, Small Pillow – Whatever is necessary to keep comfortable during the long flight. I love my nursing cover/scarf from The Over Company.  I’m also bringing a change of clothes or extra shirt for myself.

Comfy Outfit for Baby to Wear on the Plane (+2 extra outfits) : I absolutely LOVE this Juddlies playsuit, It’s comfy and has the double ended zipper which makes it easy for changes!  He will be wearing a white “onesie” underneath and we will bring his Juddlies hat for the journey to the airport and in case it gets chilly on the plane!  Of course socks and a comfy pair of moccasins are a must!  I ‘m a major sucker for these Mini Mocs in Elk. He has quite the collection.  We always bring two changes of clothes in our bag in case we need them!

Bottle, Sippy-Cup (with water), Baby Spoon, Bibs, and Utensils: Anything your baby will need to eat or drink during his flight. Since we are taking a red-eye flight, Hudson will likely sleep the first half of the flight and be waking up to eat when we do.  I always buy extra bottles of water once through security, and plan to top up his sippy-cup with this water as well.  Make sure not to use the water from the airplane bathroom as it’s usually not drinkable.

Baby Food and Snacks:  These Love Child Organics Pouches are so convenient and you don’t even need a bowl to feed them to your baby.  They easily disperse puree straight onto the spoon.  I’m also bringing these adorable “Love Ducks” as a special treat or a bribe if we need them.  It’s amazing how much he likes these little snacks and they are the perfect size for him to pick up and feed himself!

A Favorite Stuffed Animal: We will be bringing Hudson’s little monkey (emphasis on little as we don’t have space to bring any large animals) as well as his Lovey, which he sleeps with every night.  Because we will be flying to a different time zone, we want to make Hudson’s sleep adjustments as easy as possible.  Having a familiar “lovey” to sleep with definitely helps! Click Here to Read how we sleep trained our baby in 2 days!

Diapers, Wipes and small Changing Pad: For Diapers I bring one for every two hours of flying, then I throw in 3-4 extras.  The flight is 15 hours long so I am bringing 12 diapers on the plane!  I’m also bringing a small pack of travel wipes from Vancouver Brand Cute Seal.  They are super soft and small enough to toss into my purse.  I also like to have extra wipes on hand to wipe our hands and faces or for a quick pick me up near the end of the flight.

Wet Wipes and Hand Sanitizer: It’s a good idea to wipe down the surfaces near your seat and your tray table before eating.  This is one of the first things I do now that I have a little baby who likes to put his mouth on everything.

Blanket for sleeping and an extra blanket for the floor: We are lucky enough to be getting an exit row or bulkhead with a baby bassinet, which means extra floor space.  Click here to read my post about flying with an infant and tips regarding the Airline Bassinet.  In case Hudson wants to sit on the floor and play with his toys I want to have a big blanket available.

Personal Bag or Backpack with Organizer Insert: I love a large handbag, but I hate digging around trying to find anything.  I recently purchased this Tote Savvy Insert which can turn any handbag or backpack into a diaper bag.  I like that I can carry all of baby’s essentials and my own in one place.  I purchased the “Mini” which allows plenty of space for any last minute items.  It’s perfect for traveling when you want to use your handbag and keeps everything organized and handy.  It comes in multiple colors and also has a compact changing pad perfect for changing baby in the airplane restroom.

Shop through this link to get $15 off a Tote Savvy Insert: http://lifeinplayco.refr.cc/candiceb

Baby Tylenol or Child Pain Relief: Just in case there is any trouble with the ears this is handy to have just in case.

Teethers and Toys: Hudson is teething right now and want’s to gnaw on everything in sight. I will also bring a couple small toys in my bag that he hasn’t seen in the past few days. He is loving stacking toys and books right now!  I won’t be bringing balls or anything that rolls, as they will end up underneath the seat in the last row of the plane.

Baby Carrier: This is a must have time for taking a flight with baby.  Not only is it extremely useful to have your hands free while walking through security and holding your carry-ons, but if baby needs soothing, you can wear during the flight.  We love our Beco Gemini Baby Carrier.  Both my husband and I use it and it’s super easy to adjust to whoever is using it.

Travel Stroller:  This Mountain Buggy Nano Travel Stroller came highly recommended by a friend of mine, and we purchased it before flying to England this summer!  I love that it folds up small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on the plane.  It also has a fair size basket underneath to store your bag!  This amazing stroller also has the deepest recline of any I have seen, which makes it the perfect choice if your baby doesn’t have full head control yet.  Most umbrella strollers are 6 months+ where as this one can be used from 3 months on!

Traveling far distances and taking long flights with a baby can be challenging, but I’ve learned to just relax and enjoy the flight!  There is no housework to be done, no phone calls or email’s to be checked.  It’s a great opportunity to just sit back and spend quality time with your family.  I’m looking forward to lots of uninterrupted snuggle time with my baby boy!

Thanks for reading! Hope it was helpful. Anything to ad or tips of your own? Please Comment below 🙂


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