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Hudson’s first trip to the Zoo

Hudson’s first trip to the Zoo

In Hudson’s baby book there is a section for “baby’s first trip to the zoo” so apparently this is quite the milestone…  I figured what better zoo to visit for Hudson’s first zoo than Taronga while visiting Sydney!  It’s critters have million dollar harbour views, and Taronga sets benchmarks in animal care and welfare.

This was my second visit to Tarongo Zoo as I was here quite a few years ago while in Sydney, but my first since becoming a mama.  It’s amazing how much more fun it is with a little one.  Hudson was super interested in the animals, and especially enjoyed watching the sea lion show!

My favorite thing about Taronga Zoo in Sydney is the views.  It’s built on a hill overlooking Sydney Harbour.  Taronga also has an Australian walk-a-bout where the kangaroos and wallabies roam around and may even come right up to you.  I also enjoyed the many beautiful birds everywhere.  Sydney is an expensive city and the zoo is no exception.  Even though Hudson was free, it cost nearly $100 for Mark and I just for entrance.  Mark’s sister has an annual pass that allows here to bring the kids year round.  Kid’s annual passes are FREE which is a smashing deal!

Taronga Zoo is helping species which are under threat and supporting worldwide conservation efforts.

Here is link to the Zoo Conservation Website for more information!

Although Taronga Zoo in Sydney didn’t make Trip Advisor’s List for the World’s Top 10 Zoos – here are the ones that did.

  1.  LORO PARK – Puerto De La Cruz, Spain
  2.  SAN DIEGO ZOO – California (probably the best zoo I have ever been too!)
  3.  CHESTER ZOO – Chester, UK
  4.  SINGAPORE ZOO – SIngapore
  5.  PRAGUE ZOO – Prague, Czech Republic
  6.  ST. LOUIS ZOO – St. Louis, Missouri
  7.  TIERGARTEN – Vienna, Austria
  8.  ZOO PARC DE BEAUVAL – Austria
  9.  BIOPARC VALENCIA – Valencia, Spain
  10.  FOLLY FARM, Begelly, UK

There are a few differences between Kangaroos and Wallabies, the most noticeable is their size.  Kangaroos are much larger (Wallaby is pictured above).  During our Australia visit, we will be checking out Kangaroo Valley which is where we hope to see many in the wild.

Do you have a favorite Zoo? Leave a comment below 🙂

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