My Favorite Trader Joe’s Holiday items!

My Favorite Trader Joe’s Holiday items!

Oh… How I love the Holiday Season, and I LOVE cult favorite grocery store Trader Joe’s!  Shopping at TJ’s any time of year, you are bound to find plenty of interesting items, but the holiday items are some of my favorites!  You can’t find these items the rest of the year, AND you can’t find them up in Canada… which makes it even more fun!  Driving down to Trader Joe’s makes a fun day-trip for Hudson and I, and last week we invited Grandma along!  The three of us came home with a trunk full of goodies.  There were so many awesome holiday items but I am only featuring a few of my favorites, all of which I bought and may or may not have already consumed…

Side Note: How amazing is the large basket under my UPPAbaby Vista Stroller!  This stroller is perfect for grocery shopping with baby as the storage space is incredible!

Almond Nog

This Almond Nog is rich and creamy and perfect during the holidays.  I first discovered this product last year when I was pregnant and being extra cautious I didn’t want to consume regular Egg Nog (risk of raw eggs).  It’s so delicious that I’m drinking it again this year and plan to use it in smoothies! Another bonus is the expiry date – this Nog lasts way longer than it’s egg counterparts and its only $2.99. Yummy!

Coins of the World

How adorable are these chocolate coins!?  They will make perfect stocking stuffers for any chocolate lover!  Included in each $1.99 pack are US Coins, Francs, Euros, and Pounds.  Didn’t see any Canadian Coins at first glance but they may be included… Oh and apparently they SELL OUT Fast!

Candy Cane Green Tea

This tea is delicious!  I am a lover of peppermint tea, and green tea, so this is right up my alley!  Also, who can resist the cute polar bear packaging!  The assortment of holiday teas at Trader Joe’s is overwhelming and I can’t wait to try more!  This decaffeinated tea is flavored with peppermint, vanilla, and cinnamon.  Perfect for holiday sipping!

Winter Chocolate Reindeer & Sled Kit

Okay, so I haven’t tried building these yet… they will be given to our nephews to build and I can’t wait to see the finished product! The cut-out trees and presents are also included in the box.  I can’t believe these were ONLY $1.99 and I probably should have bought more!!! Too Cute!

Dark Chocolate Passport

These boxes make great stocking stuffers for any travel lover, but also would be a perfect Christmas gift for favorite teachers! This chocolate is world class and takes you on a journey through the cacao-growing world – Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic, Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Sao Tome, and Tanzania – delivering a collection of eight distinctive bars of chocolate with cacao solids ranging from 60% to 73%. My friend Lisa stocked up on these last year and gave them as gifts (along with wine) to each of her kid’s teachers

Advent Calendar

For only 99 cents, you can’t go wrong with these!  There were so many fun designs and even calendars that double as game boards!  Nothing beats opening up a new chocolate surprise each day of December, and each kid and hubby can have their own!

Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows

These are my favorite!  I love dark chocolate and mint, add in the light and fluffy marshmallow center, and these are divine.  These were flying off the shelves while we were shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Another item I might have to go buy more of before Christmas!  So good!

I hope you enjoyed my list of Favorite Trader Joe’s Holiday Items.  Check out their Website Here:  *All Time Favorite Trader Joe’s Items post is Coming Soon!  Comment below and mention any favorites of yours!

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