How we turn our Instagrams into instant memory books!

How we turn our Instagrams into instant memory books!

I’ve always been one for printing photos.  I’ve got piles of them in boxes that I don’t think I’ll ever get around to “scrap-booking”.  Do people even still scrap-book?  With the new Apps out there, I highly doubt it!  After I gave up scrap-booking, I used to spend hours making photo albums online.  I now feel that I wasted a ton of time and energy formatting and re-sizing – not to mention spending over $50 each time.  Now that I have a little one, time and money is precious and I would rather spend time with him looking at photos, then making online albums.  This is why I love my Chatbooks!

I found out about Chatbooks from my friends Nat & James who also have a little boy!  They also both have Instagram accounts, which is what makes Chatbooks so EASY! They keep theirs in their family room on the shelf.  I was so inspired by how easy these books sounded and how great my friend’s books looked, that I decided to make my own!  We’ve started a series for Baby Hudson.  This way when he’s older, he can look back at his life in photos and we can remember watching him grow!

All you need to do is download the Chatbooks App from the app store. Once you have 60 photos, Chatbooks automatically makes your memory book and ships it to you. ITS THAT EASY!  You can also change the cover photo and easily delete and add photos in your book.  All you need is your phone, and your instagram/facebook account! You can also now make Chatbooks from your iPhone photo library with the press of a button.

Chatbooks was started by a couple with seven kids!  They obviously didn’t have time to make photo books or scrapbook, so they created this genius app.  The books are also so durable.  Hudson can hold them, drop them, even bite on them, and they still look great!  I’ve been ordering the soft cover version, but hard cover is also available.  Another cool feature of the app, is you can add 5 square quality photo prints for only $2 to each order!

Each Chatbooks automatically includes the date, caption, and location of your Instagram picture.  They are also affordable, as each book cost only $8-$10 dollars.  We love them!  Using my personal link, you can get your first Chatbooks for FREE!  Hope it saves you some time and makes your memories last! When you think about it, this is like backing up our Instagram accounts!


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