My favorite Instagram editing Apps and how I quickly brighten photos!

My favorite Instagram editing Apps and how I quickly brighten photos!

I definitely don’t have hours to spend editing photos, but having an aesthetically pleasing feed has become important to me.  Since I decided to go with a light, bright, and colorful Instagram theme, I’ve found a way to quickly get the photos looking the way I want without spending hours doing so.  I’ve been receiving a lot of questions on what I use to edit, and how I get my photos so bright, so below are the 4 Photo Editing Apps you can use that will make sure your Instagram photos stand out!

how to create bright and beautiful instagram photos easily


This is by far my favorite photo editing App, and I’ve actually been using this app longer than I’ve been using Instagram.  I don’t mess around too much with the individual image tuning options, but I use the same filter on every single photo I post on Instagram.  It’s called “Drama”  and I usually go with Bright 1 or Bright 2 option.

mama instagram feed always bright

“Drama” is my favorite Snapseed Filter and it literally takes seconds to use it.  You can also adjust the intensity very easily. What I love about Snapseed is it saves your previous edits so you can do the exact same on the next photo if you wish.  Making sure your Instagram photos look consistent and are edited similarly is important for the overall aesthetics of your feed.

editing photos easily with snapseed

I use both my Iphone 8 plus and my Sony A7II when taking photographs, and I edit them the same way.  I know I loose a little bit of that lovely tan and skin tone when editing images with people, however it’s the overall brightness that I am going for.

before and after snapseed for instagram

why i love snapseed for instagram

2. Preview

I upload every photo once edited into the Preview App.  This is something I don’t know what I would do without.  Well I do know actually, my feed wouldn’t look the way it does and I’d constantly be guessing! Preview simply allows you to plan out your Instagram feed and move and arrange photos around before they are posted to Instagram.  It also has some great filters and editing tools. I’ve never purchased any of the filter packs but heard they are great as well.

how i use preview to plan my instagram feed

What I mainly use Preview for, is to see if the photo goes well with the rest of my feed.  Since I’m focused on bright, light, and colorful photos, this makes it easy to plan and saves me so much time that I would otherwise be spending on Instagram trying to imagine.  Preview allows me to easily crop or enhance the photo as well as stores all my hashtags (another time saver!).

simple editing to creat bright instagram feed

3. Perfect 365

When I need a face editing app, Perfect  365 is my favorite go-to.  I haven’t been using this much, as there is a little more time involved, however its fun to play with when you want to add makeup, longer lashes, or just soften lines on your face!  The quickest tool I like to use is “soften skin” and again, you can control the intensity.

quickest apps to edit instagram photoshow to soften face in instagram photo

4. Instagram

I upload photos directly from my Preview App into Instagram. Once in Instagram I usually  add a last minute filter adjustment.  I love the Instagram built-in filter “Clarendon” it’s got a bright cool tone to it, and you can control the amount.  I usually add Clarendon about 20-30% and then post the photo!

how I use snapseed to brighten my IG photos

So there you have it, hope that answers some of your questions.  I’ve never tried Light Room or bought any presets from anyone.  Once I find what works, I tend to stick with it. For me, it’s honestly the simpler the better!  Do you use any of these apps or filters?  Do you have any favorites or tips you’d like to share?  Comment Below!

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how to brighten instagram photos quickly

how to quickly edit Instagram photos for a bright and clean feed!

XO, Candice

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