My New Years Resolutions as a Mom.

My New Years Resolutions as a Mom.

I LOVE the start of a new year! It’s a chance to make a list of goals and start the year off fresh and with focus.  Since this is my first New Year as a mom, I thought compiling a list of resolutions and realistic goals will help me to stick with them.

1. Be More Present:

This basically means putting down the phone.  Committing to “phone free mornings” and leaving the phone in the other room for a couple evenings a week.  I also want to go back to charging my phone overnight in the kitchen, and sleeping in a device-free room.

2. Drink More Water

This goes for the entire family and is so important.  There are many days when we are out and about and I forget my water bottle.  Each morning I plan to drink a large glass of water before even reaching for my AM coffee.  This helps to flush out toxins and prepare the body to absorb nutrients better throughout the day.

3. Be Up to Date with Baby Books

The longer you leave it, the harder it is to remember the date baby got his first tooth or waved to someone. I have notes in my phone that all need to be transferred to Hudson’s Baby Books.  I also have tons of photos I want to print off and insert into his books.  I plan to catch up on this, and by his 1st Birthday, be completely up-to-date!

4. Care more about Cleaning.

I do like a clean and tidy house, but since becoming a mother, I have chosen extra sleep or alternate activities over folding laundry and scrubbing toilets.  I’m pretty good at keeping the house tidy, but I can definitely improve on my cleaning.  I plan to make time to do a good “deep clean” and dusting at least once a week.  We have all-natural Norwex cleaning products that I look forward to using.

5. Blog at least once a week.

This is a personal goal for my blog, but also a way to document our family adventures, travels, and milestones. I plan to delve into the world of Pinterest, increase my subscribers, and also grow my Instagram.  I should really have a list of resolutions just related to my blog, as there are quite a few things I want to do here.

6. Practice Positive Parenting Techniques.

Instead of using the negative “no” or “don’t touch that” swap it for the positive.  As Hudson gets older, starts walking, and starts to get into more… I don’t want to be shouting “No” all the time.  I plan to redirect him saying “Let’s play with these toys instead” and reserve the word “No” for a few select important things (when there is danger or when he really needs to hear it).  Research has shown many benefits of positive parenting including a calmer household and better behaved children.

7. Exercise my mind and personal development

I’ve always loved books, but have barely touched any since having Hudson (besides baby books of course!).  I plan to download and listen to  some interesting podcasts while driving or cleaning.  Spending time learning about something that interests me and maybe even signing up for a course or class.

8. More Patience and Less Rushing Around.

There really is no need for stress in my life.  I plan to worry less, take extra time, and just relax a bit more.  Some things can wait, if it takes us 20 minutes to get our shoes on and make sure nothing is forgotten, then so be it.

9. Take Less Photos.

I know this one may come as a surprise, as most people make it a goal to take “more” photos instead of less, but I am a bit overloaded… I don’t think my iPhone or computer storage can take it. What I really need to do is sort through my thousands of photos (I have 37,000 on my iPhone alone! ) by deleting and backing up, and in the future try to take less, or at least ONLY keep the very best ones!

And a Few other Resolutions I plan to stick with…

10. Schedule Monthly date night with the Hubby.

11. Get Outside Daily

12. Go Running 2-3 times a week!

13. Eat Greens Everyday! No excuses!

14. Meal Prep at the beginning of the week.

15. Re-decorate our living room and finish baby-proofing!

16. Ensure Hudson Brushes his teeth every night before bed! I know he’s only 9 months but we have been slacking on this lately!

What Resolutions have you made for 2018?  Comment Below 🙂

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