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Hudson’s 9 month update

Hudson’s 9 month update

So I thought I would start sharing a monthly update on Hudson!  He’ll actually be 10 months old soon, however we were on the other side of the world for most of his 9th month!  Hudson met his family in Sydney, experienced his 1st Christmas and New Years, and had many new adventures and experiences!

Currently 9 months old, he is a happy and chilled out little guy! He has 8 teeth (4 on the top and 4 on the bottom) with most of them literally popping up while we were in Australia!  Although he’s battled with some major teeth cutting, he hasn’t complained much at all!  He loves to smile and laugh, and his personality has really started to shine through.  He loves cuddles, peek-a-boo, and his grandma!

While Down Under… He enjoyed mangoes, ate sand for the first time, visited his first zoo, and he took his first steps (with assistance)!

He is still sleeping through the night, although we had a bit of a hiccup while in Australia and sharing a room with him the second part of the trip.  He must have sensed we were there, as he started waking up during the night.  Not wanting the wake the rest of the house, I resorted to feeding him and letting him sleep in the bed with us, which resulted in a very tired mama in the mornings.  I was concerned it would be hard to get him back on schedule, however as soon as we got him home, and he was back in his own room, the little trooper went back to sleeping 12 hours straight!

Hudson’s Schedule: 9 months

7:00/7:30am Wakes – I bring him into bed for morning cuddles and feeding.

8:30am Breakfast – Oatmeal, Yogurt, or Eggs and sometimes various fruit. (Eggs are his new favorite! We have introduced the yolks and whites and serve them up scrambled!)

Some independent playtime with his toys

9:00/9:30am – 1st Nap time (in his crib with sleep-sack, sound machine, and blackout curtains)

11:00 Wakes Up – change diaper/feeding followed by lunch (veggies, soup, meat or combination of these)

It’s usually during this time we get out of the house!

2:00/2:30pm – 2nd Nap time

4:30pm – Wake Up – change diaper/feeding

6:00pm – Dinner – Usually he eats what we are eating. I add salt after I’ve taken out his portion and we try to eat together!

Playtime & Bath (every other night)

7:00 – 7:15pm – Story & Bedtime Routine

7:15 – 7:30pm – Lights Out: Put down in crib awake as he falls asleep on his own. This was major for getting him to sleep through the night 12 hours, as he knows how to settle himself back to sleep.

CLICK HERE for our experience with Sleep Training!

Hudson is still grabbing everything in sight, and wants to put most things in his mouth.  He is curious about the world around him and loves to wave goodbye!  It’s a very regal wave, one you would see at the Royal Wedding.  Actually he’s been not only waving to people, but to objects as well, which is so funny!

He sits so well in his high chair and patiently waits for his food, even when at a restaurant.  He has tried shrimp, peanut butter, and strawberries, and so far no allergies!  Our doctor told us the modern school of thought is to introduce these foods earlier than later, so that is what we have done. Oh and he drinks by himself out of a real cup!  The other day he snubbed his “Sippy” Cup and moved onto the big boy one!

Hudson’s Beanie by Lille Mus

He isn’t yet crawling!  He chooses to get places by rolling instead. We haven’t been in any rush to get him crawling but he has come pretty close.  He loves to stand and is perfectly happy to sit in one place and play with his toys.

We just LOVE this little guy to bits!  I’m so grateful to be his mama and to have him in my life.

Any questions, comments, or tips? Please comment below! xo

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