Hudson’s 1 Year Update – From Baby to Toddler

Hudson’s 1 Year Update – From Baby to Toddler

I simply cannot believe how quickly a year went by!  Everyone kept saying “enjoy these phases as they grow so fast” and they were absolutely right.  The first few months (when I wasn’t sleeping much) definitely felt like they went slower, but these past few months literally flashed before my eyes.  Hudson is getting bigger, stronger, and more independent each day!

from baby to toddler - 1 year update

Hudson is such a happy little guy and this past month we have REALLY seen his personality shine through!  He has his own baby language (which sounds like “Buchom Buchum Buchoom”) – literally he says this “phrase” over and over its so funny!

from baby to toddler

He LOVES balloons!  Since his Birthday party he has been spoiled with balloons around the house (some have lasted two weeks!) He loves to play with them and hold the strings until they drift up to the ceiling, then he points at them and watches them float around!

mama and baby with balloons

He had his first trip to the dentist last week and I’m happy to report that all 8 of his teeth are looking great (says the dentist)!  He brushes his teeth each night during storytime and he still falls asleep happy as can be (all on his own) once he is put in his crib at night!  He has been sleeping from 7:00pm until about 6am.  Sometimes he wakes up around 5:30am for a feed, and then he will sleep until 7:30am.

mom and baby with balloons

I met a mama with a two-year-old the other day who told me she just experienced her first full night’s sleep!  She asked me how my one-year-old slept and I told her how lucky we had been, explaining he’d been sleeping through the night since six months!  She asked if I had “sleep trained” him and I said YES.  She said she just started sleep training and she’s not sure why she waited so long. It definitely worked for us!

Click here for how we sleep trained in 2 days!

baby loves the swing

About two weeks ago, Hudson had a bit of a sleep regression (due to the fact that he had been sick and was waking at night) so we had a few rough nights because of this.  Once he was better, It was important to get him back into his routine and not allow any bad sleep/wake habits to form.  Now that things are back to norma, we all feel a lot more rested around here!

mom and baby

I’m still breastfeeding usually 3-4 times per day.  He isn’t showing any sign of weaning, so I have no plan on stopping anytime soon.  I really enjoy this special time with him each day, and I know I will miss it once it’s gone.

one year old baby

Hudson’s Schedule: 12 months

7:00/7:30am Wakes – I bring him into bed for morning cuddles and feeding.

8:00am – Breakfast (he loves eggs and avocado toast!)

Some independent playtime with his toys

9:30am – 1st Nap (in his crib with sleep-sack, sound machine, and blackout curtains)

11:00 Wakes Up

2:30/3:00pm – 2nd Nap (same as above)

4:30pm – Wakes Up

6:00pm – Dinner (he loves pureed veggies, beans, and homemade soup)

Playtime & Bath(every other night)

6:45pm7:00 – Story & Bedtime Routine with feeding.

7:00 – 7:15pm – Lights Out: Put down in his crib awake to fall asleep on his own. Mama or Daddy usually sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and he knows its time for sleep!

swinging at the park

Hudson really likes going on the swing at the park.  He smiles as soon as he’s in the swing, even if he’s barely moving!  He will happily swing for ages and just stare at the birds and other kids.  I love watching him take in his surroundings as he is very observant!

west coast mama

He loves going on walks with mama! You can literally take him anywhere.  He’s a great restaurant baby and he will happily chew on a yam-fry while mama enjoys her dinner (seriously so grateful for this)!  He has been funny lately with throwing his food on the floor, but that’s for a whole other blog post!  I know this is a stage and part of him learning but geez!

learning to walk

He’s learning to walk!  He can’t yet walk unassisted, but I know this will happen before we know it.  He will inch himself along the couch and he uses his “walking toy” to support himself as he trots along.  He crawls around when he really wants to go somewhere, but he still isn’t in any rush and is happy as can be sitting on the floor playing with his toys in one spot!

playing with the soccer ball

He loves to turn the pages and laughs at his favorite books.  He can point and clap and wave (although he hasn’t been wanting to wave at all lately)… He had an amazing ‘Fiesta Themed’ First Birthday Party (CLICK HERE), and was given his very own red car from grandma and grandpa.

He brings us so much joy! This is such a fun age. Everyday is so different and we are loving watching him grow. I still can’t get over the fact that we are now parents to a “toddler” and he’s not a little baby anymore. However until he’s actually “walking” I’m not sure if he’s officially considered a toddler. I think I’ll keep him as a baby for now!

when does baby become a toddler?

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