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The Main Reason I Became a Beautycounter Consultant

The Main Reason I Became a Beautycounter Consultant

Finally a brand that puts your health first!

Signing up with Beautycounter was one of the easiest “Just Say Yes” moments of my life!  I’m all about “Safer Beauty” and the mission behind Beautycounter is simply that.  They are dedicated to spreading the word, something I want to help do, because like many at one point I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.  Now I do.

Many of us have been applying a certain moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup for years, never thinking that what we are using might not be safe. Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues are on the rise, due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals.  With more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today, many don’t even have safety data!  What’s really shocking is both the US Food & Drug Administration and Health Canada actually ALLOW companies to use chemicals known to be extremely harmful in the products we put on our bodies and on our kids’ bodies every single day!  We deserve better, and Beautycounter is doing something about it.

Beauty Counter - Why join the movement

At the forefront of Beautycounter is advocacy and education.  For me, the products speak for themselves – they’re amazing!  A couple months ago I started using Beautycounter, partly because I was writing a post about “Safer Beauty for Mama and Baby” – which you can read here!  Since then I’ve honestly been astonished by how good my skin looks and feels.  Never have I been interested in becoming a consultant for any type of beauty or health company, however this one is different.  I felt that I had to be a part of this.

My skin has always suffered with break outs.  I’ve tried so many different things on my face, from ProActive, the top lines at Sephora, even Retin A. Nothing really worked, especially during that time of the month where my hormones played a factor, or when I was stressed.  I also think my skin was lacking moisture.  I was mistaking my “dry skin” for the “oily’ variety, and putting on creams and spot treatments that made it even dryer causing it to break out.  I’d had enough of spending big money on facials and never really knew what to use.  Since I’ve started using the Beautycounter Charcoal Bar to clean my face, my skin has been so smooth!  It’s no wonder why this best seller has the reviews that it does!  It’s a miracle bar!

beauty counter

I’m probably one of the laziest persons I know when it comes to washing her face at night.  Now I actually look forward to it.  I’ve always been told it’s important to have a routine, but I never really believed it until now.  Since using the Countermatch lotion and night cream, I have been able to go make-up free!  I seriously don’t remember the last time I felt comfortable going out without makeup, and the best part is… these are products we can trust!  Beauty Counter has banned the use of 1500 questionable ingredients through the “Never List”, all without sacrificing any performance.

There are so many products I can’t wait to try!  I love the baby line (as does Hudson), the lipstick (so moisturizing and long lasting) and the face oils!  I just ordered the “Flawless in Five” makeup set, so I’ll be letting you know what I think of that soon enough!

Beautycounter is making progress in an industry that has so little regulation and SO many loopholes that put our safety (and our families safety) at risk.  I truly feel we will look back and say “I can’t believe they used to allow parabens” or “can you believe we used to wear lipstick that contained lead!” Enough is enough. It’s scary to read up on what these chemicals can do to our health and I just wish I knew sooner.

friends dont let friends use toxic products

SO… the MAIN reason I signed up with Beautycounter as a consultant is to spread the word about “Safer Beauty”.  I want to shout it from the rooftops!  We need to think about our children and our children’s children and their future.  Beautycounter is also a Certified B. Corp. Which is a huge achievement!

“B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

Like I was, you are probably wondering where to start. What beauty products to switch first?  What are the worst offenders? Email me for more info, I’d be happy to help and answer any questions you might have!

EMAIL: candice@thismamaloveslife.com


wake up put on mascara, change the world

Oh and check out this video of Beautycounter featured on the Today Show!


beauty counter

XO, Candice

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9 thoughts on “The Main Reason I Became a Beautycounter Consultant”

  • Oh, I love this message board! Haha, so inspirational! I have also been reading more and more about toxic products recently and since then have been checking the ingredient list of all my beauty products! It’s really important to know what you are putting on your skin!

  • I love a superlight, supernatural makeup (if I actually wear any.)I didn’t see in your post anything about gluten in this brand. There are so few brands that are safe for those with celiac disiease, it would be great if this one is!

    • Most of Beautycounter products are formulated WITHOUT ingredients that may contain gluten!
      The products cannot be certified as gluten-free because their current manufacturing partners do not have certified gluten-free facilities, however they would be a pretty safe bet! You would love the Tint Skin! It’s like a tinted moisturizer/BB cream and has amazing finish!

  • I’ve not used these products before, but I love the idea -have you used the kids sunscreen at all? I’m looking to but something new for my kids this summer after reading a frightening article last year about some of the brands I’ve used before. Ps -pic of you is super cute !

    • Thank you! Yes i agree! Sunscreen shouldn’t be scary, but unfortunately there is little regulation and brands are allowed to put so much junk in sunscreen (even baby sunscreen!) I’d love to help you! The sunscreen lotion and the stick both work great and are recommended for kids! Not greasy and doesn’t go on white like some I’ve tried… my link is in the post if you want to check them out! 😀

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