“Safer” Beauty Products for Mama and Baby that will Change your Life!

“Safer” Beauty Products for Mama and Baby that will Change your Life!

Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues (asthma, cancer, infertility – just to name a few) are on the rise, due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals.  There are SO many chemicals used in skincare that are unfortunately not regulated in the US and Canada.  I’ve been making a conscious effort to be VERY picky about the products we use on our skin and in our home.  Not only are these a few of my all-time favorites, but they are products that put “safety” first.  The assumption is sometimes that because its “safer” or “natural” it doesn’t perform.  This simply isn’t true!  All of these products are high quality, luxurious, and chemical free.  These products I feel good about using on myself, and my baby and have seen wonderful results and benefits!

If you are still using antiperspirant deodorant with aluminum. You can finally switch! I’ve found the most amazing natural deodorant that actually works – and trust me, I tried quite a few before I found it!

Why I love beauty counter products - saferWhen I found out I was pregnant I started to research, and after learning more about what actually goes into beauty products, I looked at my stash and literally started tossing things.  I also choose to use only the best and most natural products on Hudson.  The thought of lathering him up with a wash containing sodium laurel sulfate, now just makes me cringe!

Keep in mind that labels can and DO lie.  Now, I ALWAYS read the ingredient list from top to bottom.  Even though something might claim to be “Natural” or “Organic” unfortunately doesn’t mean that it always is.

Here are some of my favorite “trust-worthy” brands and my most loved beauty products that I can’t wait to spread the word about!


I love Carina Organics!  They are a local company who’s philosophy has been to replace harmful and synthetic ingredients that are often found in body care products.  All Carina products are vegan, have certified organic ingredients, and are made in Canada!

Carina Organics Baby products

Carina Organics Sweet Pea Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

Not only does this shampoo smell divine, but it leaves my hair clean, full of body, and free of residue.  This moisturizing shampoo includes natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, chamomile flower extract, and coconut oil.


This conditioner is great because it doesn’t weigh down my hair like many other conditioners on the market.  It’s gentle enough to use everyday and leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable.  It does what it says on the bottle, after using it my hair De-tangles instantly!  The best part is I’m not exposed to all of the toxic chemicals found in other synthetic hair products.

Carina Organics Sweet Pea shampoo and conditioner


We are in love with this baby bubble bath!  It has a lovely light scent of sweet pea and creates amazing little bubbles for bath time.  It’s gentle enough for a newborn’s skin and we will continue to use it as our go-to bubble bath as he grows.  Hudson’s skin is left residue-free and smells wonderful!


This extra gentle lotion is non-scented and absorbs easily.  It contains coconut oil its and is formulated to hydrate dry skin leaving it super soft.  It also combats bacteria using active organic ingredients.  Knowing this product is free from any harmful chemicals and synthetics, I have been using it on my own skin as well as Hudson’s after bath time.

Check out Carina Organics Here!

Organic baby bubble bath and body lotion - Carina Organics


With a mission of “Safer Beauty” they’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through a “Never List” all while ensuring their products perform!  Our skin is our largest organ and everything put “on it”, gets absorbed “in it”.  Many well known beauty lines are chocked full of phthalates or parabens. Not Beauty Counter!  They are devoted to progress and awareness and I can’t wait to try more!

organic beauty products that will change your life

Beauty Counter Nourishing Cream Cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser every night to remove my makeup and any environmental toxins left on my skin.  Most cleansers I’ve tried leave my skin feeling tight and dry, but not this one.  My face feels refreshed and smooth and it’s gentle enough to remove eye makeup too!

Beauty counter - review of natural products

Beauty Counter Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

This best-selling face lotion smells so wonderful!  I have combination skin that is sometimes dry, and at other times oily.  This lotion balances it all and my skin feels smooth and hydrated.  This lotion adapts it’s moisture benefits throughout the day leaving a radiant glow.  The tube is long lasting and because of the high quality natural ingredients, it’s worth the price.

why i love countermatch lotion by beauty counter

Beauty Counter Balancing Charcoal Facial Mist

I use this facial mist as a primer before applying makeup and throughout the day to refresh my skin.  It absorbs oil and calms any redness.  I love the feeling of spritzing it on my face, and it’ll definitely remain a staple in my purse!

Balancing Charcoal Facial Mist by Beauty Counter

Beauty Counter Baby Gentle All-Over Wash

This baby wash can be used for bath time and as a two-in-one hair and body wash.  We take it with us to swimming and use it when we shower off after the pool.  It leaves baby’s skin cleansed and nourished and doesn’t strip away moisture.  It’s tear-free, lathers up easily, and has a very mild scent.  Beauty Counter also sells a “Welcome Baby” gift set that includes this wash!

Beauty Counter Gentle All OverBaby Wash

Shop Beauty Counter Here!

Baby Body Wash - Beauty Counter


Another local favorite of mine! Sola Skincare is handmade in small batches, using only the best quality botanical plant-base ingredients, and is infused with the healing properties of Chinese and Western herbs. Everything is made without parabens, phthalates, synthetic ingredients, preservatives, or fillers. Truly safe but also extremely effective!

My favorite organic and natural beauty products - sola organics

SOLA Coconut Deodorant

I’ve been using this natural deodorant since I became pregnant with Hudson.  I wanted something free of aluminum that actually worked.  I’ve tried quite a few and SOLA’s Coconut Deodorant is literally the ONLY ONE I’ve found that keeps me smelling fresh and also keeps me dry.  Most natural deodorants leave you feeling sticky with wet underarms (transferring to your clothing), but not SOLA’s!  Coconut Oil is soothing to the skin and contains lauric acid which kills odor-causing bacteria. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture, while aluminum-free baking soda absorbs odors.  You only need a pea size amount and the container is small enough for a purse pocket.  It works and I LOVE IT!

Order your own Coconut Deodorant Here!

The best natural deodorant - SOLA Coconut deodorantSOLA Balancing Face Oil

This is a product I just started using, but so far I am LOVING it!  It feels so luxurious and nourishing on my skin.  This decadent face oil wont clog pores, and soothes any dry or red patches instantly.  It’s full of natural Chinese herbs that brighten dull skin, soften wrinkles, and even help acne prone skin. Check the reviews on this one – it looks like we found that “miracle in a bottle”.

Sola Balancing Face Oil

SOLA Rose Hydrosol

This amazing hydration mist is infused with essential oils extracted from real roses by way of steam-distillation.  It smells like roses and is so refreshing on the face.  This is a wonderful toner that can be used throughout the day and is perfect for traveling! It can also be used to prep your skin before applying the Balancing Face Oil.  L.O.V.E.

Sola Rose Hydrosol

Shop Sola Skincare Here!

beautiful mama and baby boy photoshoot

Wondering what these mean?

These common plasticizers, used some nail polishes to increase flexibility and in some shampoos and cleansers to carry fragrance, are controversial because of a possible link to disruption of the human endocrine system. Their role in a possible increase in breast cancers in women is currently being studied.

A class of preservatives used to protect cosmetics against the growth of bacteria and fungi. These controversial ingredients—including methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben—have been shown to possess weak estrogen-like properties, but the FDA deems them safe when used at very low levels (.01 to .3 percent) in cosmetics.

These cleansing agents remove dirt and oil and are responsible for creating lather. There are more than 100 different varieties—some synthetic, others from natural sources, like coconut or palm oil. They’re found in facial cleansers, body washes, shampoos, and shaving creams. All types have the potential to dry and irritate the skin. They’ve come under scrutiny in recent years for their potential damage to the environment.

The Best Natural Bath Products for mom and baby!

Thanks for Reading!  I hope you’ve found a few new “Safer” products you would like to try!  What are your favorite Beauty Products for Mama and Baby.

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Safer Products for Mama and Baby

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