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10 Must pack items for a beach vacation with baby!

10 Must pack items for a beach vacation with baby!

We just got back from a fabulous family trip to Cabo San Lucas – Mexico!  We stayed at an All Inclusive resort near the marina and the beach, with swimming pools and a great kids area! I probably over-packed as both Hudson and I came home with outfits we didn’t wear once, however I always feel its better to pack more than not enough!

Here are the 10 Must-Pack Items when traveling to a tropical/beach location with a baby!


We brought both disposable (1 for each day) as well as a couple washable swim diapers. We used both and it was the perfect amount. Hudson loves swimming and we knew that pool time would be a highlight of his vacation!

2. Rash Guard with SPF

We love to wrap our little guy in an ultra soft, quick-drying rash guard that protects him from the sun and also keeps his body warmth.  UV protective swimwear eliminates the need for sunscreen and the challenges that come with applying it to your wiggly baby’s entire body.

3. Natural Baby Sunblock

Do your research and choose a sunblock for your baby that is natural and chemical free!  Many drugstore brands are full of Parabens – even though they are called “Baby Sunscreen”.   I recently learned there is a difference between sunscreen and sunblock. Sunblock uses minerals (most commonly zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) to physically reflect the UV rays!  There are some great Natural Baby Sunblocks on the market – recommendations to come!

4. Long Sleeve White Cotton Clothing

Not only will long sleeves limit sun exposure for your little one, but white cotton clothing keeps them cool and comfortable in the hot climate.  Another bonus – bugs and mosquitoes are less attracted to light colored clothing!


We must have brought along 4 or 5 different sun hats for Hudson.  The best ones have a strap that secure the hat under his chin.  Not only does does a sun hat keep baby cooler on a hot day but protects their head and face from those strong sun rays.

6. Baby Towel with Hood

These are the best!  When coming out of the water you can easily wrap your little one in a hooded beach towel.  It not only keeps them cozy and warm when wet, but helps them dry off quicker.

7. Baby Sunglasses

Although Hudson sometimes takes off his sunglasses as soon as we put them on, these are crucial. Baby sunnies protect baby’s delicate eyes from the sun.  Try to find a pair with a rubber strap that allow them to stay put. Bonus if they are polarized!

8. Plastic bibs with spill pocket

These Bibs are easy to wipe down and quickly wash while on vacation.  They also catch falling food (although lots still end up on the floor at this age) and they have adjustable neckbands for comfort and longevity.

9. Sanitizing Wipes

These are a must to have on-hand at all times, not just while on vacation.  While in Mexico, and out for a meal, I would quickly wipe down the high chair and table where Hudson was sitting.

10. Snacks

We always carry around snacks while on holiday.  Hudson loves Love Ducks by Love Child Organics.  If we were at a restaurant and waiting for the food we ordered, a couple of these usually kept him happy and occupied.  Snacks are a must while traveling with baby!

What do you think of this list? Anything I’m forgetting that you would pack for a tropical vacation with baby?

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7 thoughts on “10 Must pack items for a beach vacation with baby!”

  • Great tips! We are headed to Mexico this winter with our little one! Can I ask what camera you took these photos with on your trip? Thanks!

  • Did you feel like it was a ace area with the baby? We’re staying at a home and it’s on a golf course with an ocean view. I’m not sure what area but I’ll look that up. I’m so nervous to travel with my son, he’ll be 10 months at the time we go. Is it safe for him to eat the food there? Any tips to help my anxiety is gratefully appreciated!! Love your tips. I really want to enjoy it and have some much needed relaxation but this is our first time on a plane with the baby and we’re traveling to Mexico so I can’t help be nervous!
    Thanks so much!

    • Hey! You’ll have a great time, try not to worry! Our little guy was about the same age when we went (11 Months I think). We stayed at a resort near the marina and he ate the food, as long as it was cooked! He ate rice and beans and fresh fish!
      For the plane make sure you bring lots of toys and books and snacks! Good luck mama and enjoy Mexico!

  • HI!

    I like your website! I followed the steps you suggested on sleep training, and it worked with my son! He slept through the night on the third night!

    I am travelling to Puerto Rico with my 10 month old. I prefer staying at a resort because the point is to get away from the house routine, but I am not sure if an Airbnb is better for traveling with a baby. What are your thoughts on staying with a baby in a resort vs Airbnb (with kitchen, laundry, etc) ? I saw that you had a great time with your baby in Cabo San Lucas!

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Joanna! Thanks for following, so glad the sleep tips helped! We have traveled both ways! I like Airbnb if you are wanting a kitchen and laundry, and it’s handy for heating milk or washing baby clothes, but most resorts are pretty accommodating also! J guess it depends on the type of vacation you are looking for! For ya the amenities and pool and all inclusive came in handy! 🙂

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