You’ve Got This, Mama

You’ve Got This, Mama

My books arrived yesterday and I still can’t believe I’m a published author! I was asked last year to share my motherhood journey and join this incredible tribe of mamas, and I’m SO happy I did! Our co-authored book will be released just in time for Mother’s Day!

You’ve got this mama

When I was contemplating what exactly to include in my chapter, I thought long and hard about what makes a good mother. How was I going to add substance and value to the lives of the mamas or future mamas who would be reading this? I share in my chapter the joys, the struggles, the moments of doubt, but most of all the positive attitude I needed to embrace life and conquer my transformation into motherhood.

youve got this mama co-author

“You’ve Got This, Mama” is already receiving rave reviews! It’s full of raw stories that will inspire, move, and encourage you! FOR REAL, its that good! I’m so inspired and humbled by the brave mamas who I share this book with. I just know that we will be helping and encouraging mamas all over the world with our stories.  There’s also a website “” where I will be a contributing blogger. Check it out HERE!

mothers handbook - youve got this!

Order yours today and use code: CANDICE20 for 20% off! This book makes the perfect gift for your mother, your sister, your wife, your friend, and definitely for yourself! YES, I WANT IT!

Thanks for all your love and support!

XO, Candice


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