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Fresh in your Fridge

Fresh in your Fridge

I love fresh food and the convenience of meal kit-delivery services, so when Fresh In Your Fridge reached out to me and asked if I’d like to give their service a try, I was definitely intrigued! Someone was going to come and do the cooking for me, in my very own kitchen? And… they were going to clean up? Yes please!!

Fresh in Your Fridge is an award-winning Vancouver-based meal service that sends a holistic nutritionist to your home to make meals the old fashioned way – right in your kitchen! fresh in the fridge reviewThey first scheduled a meeting to discuss our family’s food preferences and nutrition needs! Erika came to my home and asked me questions while taking notes! I told her I was trying to implement more iron into my diet (and Hudson’s), so we spoke about iron rich foods such a red meat, kale, and beans. She told me my nutritionist would be contacting me in a few days with a menu for the week! We decided to go for 3 family style dinners – each one enough for 4 meals, so we could enjoy some at lunch as well.

fresh in the fridge reviewA few days before our scheduled nutritionist Martina was set to arrive, she emailed me the following menu she was going to prepare:

Warm Kale Salad with steak, roasted yams, potatoes, broccolini w/ balsamic vinaigrette and toasted pumpkin seeds

Thai Chicken Coconut Curry with brown rice and lime papaya salad

Soft Polenta with Mushroom & Lentil Ragout, wilted spinach & garden salad.

fresh in the fridge serviceShe asked if I wanted to change anything or if I had any questions, but it sounded good to me!  She showed up at our door with a few grocery bags full of fresh, organic, and local groceries, and I gave her free reign in the kitchen!  It started to smell delicious, and we sampled some of the steak salad for lunch!Fresh in Your Fridge Vancouver Everything was placed in our own glass sealed containers (leaving no waste) and to make it easy to re-heat.  A sheet with instructions for each meal was left on the counter!  The best part was she left the kitchen even cleaner than she found it!  My favourite meal was the Warm Kale Salad with steak, potatoes, and broccolini, that went first.  The Thai curry was a huge portion, and I especially enjoyed the papaya salad.  The fresh cilantro, mint and thai basil was delicious! There was a lot of rice and leftover polenta from the two dishes.  Instead of wasting any food, I sent the extra portions to work with Mark and he had a couple friends/co-workers who raved about the chicken curry!  Hudson was a huge fan of the lentils, and I felt great knowing he was getting optimal nutrition from a good home-cooked meal!fresh review

Fresh in Your Fridge was a great experience! It’s a perfect service for busy professionals, families with different food preferences and dietary needs, or just a busy mom who needs a week off! The cost varies but includes everything from meal planning, grocery shopping, and basically hiring a personal chef! The fact that a nutritionist came to my home and set up a meal plan specifically suited just for us, it felt pretty special. It was also such a nice break to not have a cook for a few days! I would highly recommend trying it!

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