Hudson’s 10 Month Update!

Hudson’s 10 Month Update!

The little man is coming up on 11 months soon, so I thought I better document his 10 month milestones!  Where oh where is the time going? It’s so true what they say, “They grow SO quickly!”

crawling 10 months

First, he’s finally crawling! Not too quickly and he’s in no rush to go anywhere but he will crawl to something if he wants to. Technically he’s been “army style” crawling for a while now, but just in the last couple weeks has he started picking up his knees.

Hudson 10 month update

He loves Clapping! Literally on command he will clap his hands together! It’s so cute and one of our favorite games! We’ve started teaching him to give “High Fives” and he’s pretty much doing this now too!

Baby 10 month update

Last week he had his first real cold/flu which was no fun at all. Poor little dude just looked miserable, but really didn’t complain. I made him some homemade chicken noodle soup which he loved and we gave him lots of extra cuddles!

this mama loves 10 months

He’s still in 6-9 month clothing and still weighs under 20 pounds. He’s definitely not a big baby, but more long and lean. He’s getting more hair and it seems to have a slight wave to it! Oh and he loves having his hair brushed!

He still has 8 little teeth and must be getting more because he’s been teething badly the last couple of days! Poor little guy is wanting to gnaw on everything and has been whining about it too. He loves his Love Ducks from “Love Child Organics” and gets so excited to eat them as they must feel pretty good on his gums!

10 month old baby with mimosa

Eating has become a bit more messy lately. He wants to feed himself with a spoon and is very independent. He drinks out of a normal water glass (usually mine) and likes to fling his food on the floor. He loves avocado toast, eggs, Greek yoghurt, and usually whatever I’m eating! He eats best when his daddy is helping him or feeding him.

hudsons 10 month update

Still sleeping through the night except for the odd early wake-up. He likes his naps and gets at least 3+ hours of sleep during the day. I’m so grateful for this time where I can get things done.

Hudson’s Schedule: 10 months

7:00/7:30am Wakes – I bring him into bed for morning cuddles and feeding.

8:30am – Breakfast

Some independent playtime with his toys

9:30am – 1st Nap (in his crib with sleep-sack, sound machine, and blackout curtains)

11:00 Wakes Up – change diaper/feeding, followed by lunch

2:00/2:30pm – 2nd Nap (same as above)

4:30pm – Wake Up – change diaper/feeding

6:00pm – Dinner

Playtime & Bath(every other night)

7:00 – 7:15pm – Story & Bedtime Routine (feeding)

7:15 – 7:30pm – Lights Out: Put down in crib awake as he falls asleep on his own. This was major for getting him to sleep through the night 12 hours, as he knows how to settle himself back to sleep.

Click here for how we sleep trained in 2 days!

I’m still breastfeeding but we are down to 3-4 times a day.  First feeding in the morning is always the main one and then the one before bed.

mama and baby on couch

He says “mama” and “dada” and “yes” but we aren’t sure if he knows he’s saying it or not.

baby with cactus planter

He loves books and really listens intently at story-time. His favorite books lately are “Penguin Says Please” and “If I were a Puppy” and of course our bedtime book “Goodnight Moon”. He’ll probably be able to read that one on his own soon!

he loves to eat his foot

Hudson is just such a chilled out little guy! I can bring him anywhere and he just goes with the flow! He’s very ticklish, especially on his legs and under his chin.  He gives super sloppy kisses and usually plants them on my nose!

mama and baby on grey couch

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