Hudson’s 14 Month Update!

Hudson’s 14 Month Update!

I can’t believe our little bambino is 14 months old! Since his first birthday, time has flown by and life has been BUSY! I’m really focusing on documenting and slowing down the little moments with him that I want to remember.  I am so far behind on filling out his baby book, but i’ve accepted that it might never be completely filled out.  Who can remember the date that each tooth came in and in what order? I feel that it all happened so quickly!

world baby

He loves walking, but still not doing it completely on his own yet.

Sometimes he’ll be standing alone and completely forgets that no one is holding his hand, until he realizes it and finds support. He uses his walker and holds on to whatever he can to get around the house. Everyone keeps saying that once he starts he wont stop, and I’ll be chasing him around all the time! I’m okay with waiting for the chasing to begin! LOL

our little walker

He is my little book lover!

He chooses books over toys and can happily read the same book over and over again.  He certainly has his favorites, which I am going to highlight in a blog post very soon.  He points to objects and says his favorite familiar words such as “ball” and “car”.

mama and babe

His hair is getting so long!

Daddy wants it cut pronto, but I’m just hanging on to every strand of that perfect little baby mane.  It is starting to look like a mini-mullet, so I know that I am going to have to give in sooner than later. It’s actually quite thick and curly, so I’m sure a cute haircut will be nice and cool for the summer! When did you first cut your little one’s hair?

when to cut babys hair

He gives the best hugs and cuddles!

Honestly I just can’t get enough! When he throws his arms around my neck and nestles into his mama, I seriously melt.  It’s one of my favorite things about being a mama. He is just the sweetest little guy!

this is motherhood

He is a great sleeper!

We’ve been traveling a bit the past couple months, and even in a hotel room his sleep has been pretty good. When he is in his own crib at home, he sleeps soundly from 7:30pm – 6:30am. 11 hours is pretty darn good and I am so grateful!  90% of the time he goes down with a smile on his face and no fuss.

little one in crib

He still naps twice a day!

I’m not sure when we will transition to only 1 nap, but while he’s napping twice daily, I will take it as long as I can.  This is prime time for me to get work done, catch up on emails, and clean the house!  He goes for his morning nap between 9:00am – 10:00am and his afternoon nap between 2:00pm – 3:00pm.  Both naps lasting at least 1.5 hours.

cuddles for mama

He’s loves restaurants!

He’s pretty good in his high chair looking at the lights and taking in the scenery at a restaurant.  He likes to drink his water from a regular glass and his favorite finger food is definitely yam fries!  I think he’s prety pacial to the estaurants Cactus Club or Browns, but he is willing to try just about anywhere!

little bubs in bed

He’s so ticklish

His feet, his thighs, his arms, under his chin, basically he’s ticklish everywhere!  It’s so cute watching him play with his daddy and hearing those giggles each morning!

sweet dreams little cutie

He’s long and learn

Weighing in at just over 20 lbs, he’s still wearing size 9-12 month clothing in most brands.  His little legs don’t have a lot of chub on them but he still has those adorable chubby cheeks!  He’s eating 3 meals a day with 1 snack and his favorite foods are greek yogurt, beans, mango, pureed carrots, and bread. He definitely loves his carbs just like his daddy!

dad and baby at restaurant

He loves adventure

We try to get outside every day and do some sort of activity.  He enjoys the swing at the park, or a stroll along the water.  He doesn’t mind being in the car, and he still loves to be in his carrier (especially facing out). He’s so observant and just takes everything in.

baby on a bench

He’s one happy chappy!

He wakes up smiling almost every day and really doesn’t complain much unless something is really bothering him.  He loves swimming lessons and is so comfortable in the water.  He could swim all day and I can’t wait for the summer when our pool opens. Like his mama, this little babe just loves life!

14 months baby happy

Happy 14 Months Hudson! I LOVE YOU!

xo, Candice (thismamaloveslife)


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