Days like today are why I’m obsessed with Fall!

Days like today are why I’m obsessed with Fall!

Today literally started out dark and stormy.  The wind was howling and the air was cold. I watched the rain come down fast and hard and thought I would catch up on my PVR and try out the lentil soup recipe I found yesterday.  We had no intention of going out today, but around 11am the dark rain clouds were literally blown away by the wind and replaced by the beautiful sun!  Hudson and I bundled up and went outside to enjoy it!


Luckily we live steps away from beautiful ocean, river, and lakes.  We try to get outside for fresh air daily, but living in the Great North West means we need to be prepared for all types of weather – Even Rain and Sun in the same day.

IMG_1485I can’t wait until next Fall when Hudson will be walking and can play in the leaves.  Hearing them crunch under his feet or throwing them from piles into the air.  For now he just enjoys being outside and loves watches the trees sway in the wind. He is such a happy little guy!


Although I LIVE for the Summer and all the activities that come with it, walking in the Fall is my favorite time to Walk.  The air is crisp, the ground crunches with leaves and the colors are magnificent.  Today was a prime example on why this mama loves life!




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